Background Story.

Micro Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Founded in Thailand on 20 June 2013 With money 6,400 baht And registered the Department Ministry of Commerce with a capital of 1,000,000 baht throughout the working period of 4 years. The company has developed a capital of about 5,000,000 baht and was added. 20,000,000 in near future By doing the past, the company has focused on providing the best service to customers to benefit the most business. The Company’s business operations and IT Business Solution integrated and willing to give advice or suggestions to fix IT problems in both the IT Business Solution, Hardware, Software & Application, Network, and includes sales, design, installation, deployment and maintenance tasks. The concept needs to be a leader in providing technology solutions. To comply with current work for individual managers who are looking for or looking for a Solution IT to manage and support in order to reduce the load on the various needs of the business and increase the efficiency of your work and of the Organization. to get maximum by the way, we have a team who offers you a comprehensive and all aspects of IT, by providing services to support the work of the IT Business Solution to every type of business and impressive service make us gain the public. completion of customer feedback. As many of us have committed to develop services and Business Solution designed to support smarter business.Since today Technology is changing rapidly and is regarded to be a part of everyday life. Whether it is education. Government company or department stores are all technologies. Help to increase performance in various fields. But there is another, no less, no information technology into use. From the foregoing, it is the duty of the company. It brings technology to help maximize performance. To achieve a competitive advantage in business from the commitment of a team with the experience and expertise to design and install systems consulting, technology and foreign substances. This is the heart and core technologies. Blend based on the same principle to create quality jobs Systems Management and enhance the work experience. The team received a Microsoft Certificate, VMware Certificate, Fortinet Certificate Product and much more with our trained by their respective owners. Ensuring All services from us

Through our collective knowledge, experience Knowledge Management System training. And the transfer of expertise Our team is ready to become a consultant and Implement a system that you want at anywhere anytime.

Thank you to the company, we always thank you.

Jakkaphan Chavaphansiriporn

Managing Director