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Silver Small and Midmarker Cloud Solutions
Silver Datacenter
Multi Factor Authentication
There’s no easier way to use multi-factor authentication. Designed for the modern workforce and backed by a zero trust philosophy, Duo is Cisco's user-friendly, scalable access security platform that keeps your business ahead of ever-changing security threats.
MCS Cloud Service
The company is a leader in providing data center services that open and connect freely. We have a wide range of data centers, both domestic and international, that are certified by Uptime Institute in 3 areas: Design Documents, Constructed Facility, and Operation. Operations (operations), including the other 6 standards
Rapid 7 Vulnerability Management
Vulnerabilities pop up every day. You need constant intelligence to discover them, locate them, prioritize them for your business, and confirm your exposure has been reduced. Nexpose, Rapid7’s on-premises option for vulnerability management software, monitors exposures in real-time and adapts to new threats with fresh data, ensuring you can always act at the moment of impact.
Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) & Security
1. Data “at-rest” is protected | 2. Data “in-transit” is protected | 3. Assets are formally managed | 4. Capacity planning to ensure availability | 5. Protections against data leaks | 6. Integrity Checking mechanisms | 7. The development and testing environment
Infrastructure & Data Center Solutions
Infrastructure Server | Network and Security | Backup & Replicate
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IT Support
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Business Consulting
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Over 7000 Migrate Tools for Office365 All Plan 4000+ User in 2 Day and 1 Night
Easily migrate data from old E-mail to office365. Tranfer Email, Contact, Calendar, Font UTF8

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Micro Systems Thailand CO., LTD. is a business that provides IT supporting and servicing. We are proud to continue the development of our experts to respond to your business needs whether it be system structure, system design, system improvement or consulting about server, network, security & data dackup with quality service that is worthwhile and consider the highest customer satisfaction.

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