SharePoint Customization

Microsoft SharePoint is the underlying technology for all SharePoint sites that are available for deployment in an organization. In earlier versions, it was called Windows SharePoint Services. You could use SharePoint to create multiple sites. Type quickly You can work together on Web pages, documents, calendar items, and information. Web server 2.0-based servers provide consistent and familiar frameworks. For list and site administration and site customization libraries, SharePoint Server has all the features that are available in SharePoint Foundation, as well as additional features and capabilities such as enterprise content management. Business Intelligence Enterprise search And personal profiles through my site. SharePoint Server is available for deployment in organizations. Or as part of a server-side offering such as Microsoft Office 365, Office Web App, and Application addon to make many workflows so you can easily and quickly access your business.

SharePoint Server capabilities

  1. Make a company policy statement. Or do a simple survey of the company.
  2. Can be used to make programs. And control other users' programs.
  3. Can create new documents as needed. To send to the relevant participants by schedule.
  4. Support both Thai and English. Supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Adobe PDF files.
  5. Set up email notifications. When other users make edits. Or change the content on the page.
  6. Can access data Or file from any computer 24 hours a day.
  7. Can take forms. The organization has already been integrated into the SharePoint system.
  8. The meeting room can be booked.
  9. High flexibility. Software developers can edit or write additional modules.
  10. Can receive attached file attached to email. To be stored in our site automatically.
  11. Supports specific mobile devices (Windows Mobile), which eliminates unnecessary graphics. And adjust the width of the screen to suit the device.
  12. Can set user access rights. And still safe from the virus. Including intruders.

Who is Microsoft SharePoint compatible?

  1. SharePoint is suitable for use in small to medium businesses with more than 3 users working together.
  2. SharePoint is ideal for business, print media, auction, document fulfillment. With workflow or in a similar way. The system keeps track of work status. And alert them to the auto attendant. Once completed, each step
  3. SharePoint is suitable for all types of business sales. The price must be updated wholesaler, exporter, retailer, because instead of editing prices in the Excel file and then forward to the customer. It's time consuming and overuse of email. Always attach files in mail. SharePoint can help you edit / update product prices directly on the server, and then let the system notify customers or groups that are scheduled. Request a quote or file back at any time.
  4. SharePoint is suitable for all types of institutions. Whether it is for e-library, document center, knowledge base or appointment schedules. And the teaching materials of the teachers and teachers. For students or other teachers to see. You can define the rights in detail. For safety And also store image files. Or video tutorials as well.
  5. SharePoint works well with many businesses. Whether in or outside the country. You can create sub-sites to replace individual branches. And assign rights to employees in each branch. And make communication. Is easy Time is automatically adjusted for employees in different countries.
  6. SharePoint can also be customized to fit your business. Today, more than 20,000 leading companies in the world have deployed Microsoft SharePoint.