Maintenance Service

System maintenance and maintenance or application software (software applications) to keep them in good working order. For example, if the program is running for a certain period of time It may be a problem. Software Bug. Can use the MA (MA) to check the problem as soon as possible. If there are any doubts during use, have someone explain. The service of the MA is comparable to the guarantee of the application software that will be used all the time, ensuring that the program purchased money. It will work. If you want to have software (software) to use, but have no own development team, MA service is considered to be a very good thing. I think it may be cheaper to hire employees to see it.

IT Call Center
We have enough call center staff to handle the problem. Customers can check their customer information efficiently by using the Track Call System, as well as the Help Desk team, who have experienced on-site real-time service that can diagnose problems and introduce basic troubleshooting solutions. Before the onsite staff available to serve in the next order to reduce the down time of the user as much as possible.

Engineer OnSite Service
We have prepared Onsite Service for Bangkok and other provinces nationwide to cover every service. Business area With trained staff Experience in hardware, standard software, and applications using a motorcycle as a vehicle. With high mobility. Including the use of pick up for the Stand by Parts in each zone to support the Onsite Service team to provide solutions to problems. Fast and efficient.

Service Include

  • You can select or use the service to maintain the customer's site by service.
  • System and Network Connection & Security
  • System Maintenance and Maintenance (OS Maintenance)
  • Printer And Accessory Maintenance
  • Backup (Backup Data)
  • End User Support