Infrastructure Services

Server virtualization in small, medium, large In the system. Virtualization Server allows customers to reduce the cost of purchasing servers, and also utilizes the resources of the server to the full capacity as well as the sharing of server resources in the family to continue to use the current hardware. The price is very high. Replaced by the system. Virtualization Is a virtual server Allows you to take advantage of the available hardware resources. More efficient By installing more than one virtual operating system (GuestOS) on a real server, the virtual server method creates virtual hardware resources such as CPU, memory, or hard drive. Virtual Machine (Virtual Machine) allows you to see and run as a virtual machine. Many machines are stacked in one physical hardware. This reduces the cost of air bills, rents, space. And the budget to buy more servers effectively.

1. Benefits of Server Virtualization Solution
  • Maximize use of existing hardware. Before you buy a new server.
  • Reduce the cost of air, rent, space. As well as reduce the software license fee based on the number of physical servers.
  • Create more than one virtual server to run clustered. This can increase the overall system availability.
  • Easily and quickly add / remove system resources to meet your business needs.
  • Reduce the time it takes to set up a new server. The image is prepared prototype.
2. Starting the Solution Server Virtualization
  • Originally you used the budget to pay for the system administrator. Utilities in Data Centers And how much server space to install? Want to reduce the cost to how much?
  • How many servers do you have? How many of these servers have been used by all of them?
  • How quickly can your organization set up new servers to respond to changing business demands? Too late to accept?
3. Elements of Server Virtualization Technology
  • Virtualization software such
  • High Performance Server
  • SAN Storage
  • Other network devices associated
4. Benefits of a Solution
  • Build trust in the business in the eyes of customers.
  • Raise profits and increase productivity. Because it can access essential business applications 24x7.
  • Relieve losses during the disaster. Maintaining the availability of critical systems. Keep the continuity.

Business Solution

  • Implement / Migrate Microsoft Solution
  • Implement XenDesk & XenApp
  • Enhance Network Security
  • Business DR Site