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Micro Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Founded in Thailand on 20 June 2013 With money 6,400 baht And registered the Department Ministry of Commerce with a capital of 1,000,000 baht throughout the working period of 4 years. The company has developed a capital of about 5,000,000 baht and was added. 20,000,000 in near future By doing the past, the company has focused on providing the best service to customers to benefit the most business. Thank you to the company, we always thank you.

About US

Micro Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Currently, the company is a Gold Partner Microsoft and VMware Partner Service Provider.

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Vision: Corporate goals in medium to long term & Mission: The basic purpose of establishing an organization To carry on in the long run Or a scope of operation. Of an organization or company.

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Micro Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

Introduce Company

The Company’s business operations and IT Business Solution integrated and willing to give advice or suggestions to fix IT problems in both the IT Business Solution, Hardware, Software & Application, Network, and includes sales, design, installation, deployment and maintenance tasks. The concept needs to be a leader in providing technology solutions. To comply with current work for individual managers who are looking for or looking for a Solution IT to manage and support in order to reduce the load on the various needs of the business and increase the efficiency of your work and of the Organization. to get maximum by the way, we have a team who offers you a comprehensive and all aspects of IT, by providing services to support the work of the IT Business Solution to every type of business and impressive service make us gain the public. completion of customer feedback. As many of us have committed to develop services and Business Solution designed to support smarter business.

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  •   (66)02 107 1518
  •   988/63 Ramintra Road, Khannayao, Bangkok 10230
  •  Tax ID: 0105556098459